'Eggs' - New Beginnings, New Life, - stained blue & wax finish

My latest Collection of 'Eggs' - New Beginnings, New Life, this time with a stained blue & wax finish, they feel soft and velvety to touch, really pleased with the results. I will be putting them into my Facebook shop soon - Art in Plaster www.facebook.com/Art-in-Plaster-114180686940419

Egg Collection - New Beginnings, New Life - soft marbling finish

Collection of 'Eggs' - New Beginnings, New Life - soft marbling finish, loving experimenting with different techniques.


I have been neglectful in keeping my blog up to date and when endeavouring to do so discovered I have not always taken photos of my work. Therefore it is not truly reflective of what I have been up within the art world the last couple of years.

I have been exhibiting regularly within Bretts Gallery Monks Eleigh & Buckingham Galleries Southwold, and taken part in various exhibitions through out Suffolk & Norfolk

What follows gives you an idea of what I have produced. 

Most recently I have been exploring another medium to produce 3 dimensional work which I am very existed about.

Egg Collection


My latest Art Collection 'Eggs' - New Beginnings, New Life. 
Individually made 9cm or 18cm high from Crystacal & Cold Resin.





Porcelain Pottery



Plaster & Paint mix 1